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Test Results (includes labs/blood work, xrays, imaging, pathology, radiology) 


In order to provide you the highest standard of care, if your test results are abnormal you will be contacted by our staff and you will be asked to make a follow up appointment with your doctor to discuss those results.  The method of communication may be a phone call, a post card indicating office visit is required, or may be an eMessage sent via the Patient Portal.  This follow up appointment will allow you time to ask your doctor questions about your test results and give your doctor an opportunity to discuss further testing and follow up that is needed. This follow up can be vital for your health and cannot adequately be done over the phone or by email so our doctors cannot discuss abnormal test results with you over the phone or by email.


If you need blood work in the future to monitor a chronic condition (i.e. high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, etc), you will be asked to have your blood work drawn at least 1 week PRIOR to this appointment. If lab work is required but is not done prior to a chronic condition follow up visit you may be asked to reschedule your visit.


Did you know you can view and print your lab results online? As part of our continuing efforts to provide innovative and convenient medical care we offer you the ability to view most of your lab results online. Please contact us to obtain a login for our patient portal to view your lab work.


  • If your test result is normal, you will NOT receive a phone call from us.  Normal results will be published within 2 weeks to your patient portal account, or sent by post card via snail mail.  Please check your email for a notification if you are on the patient portal. 

  • You WILL be contacted by post card via snail mail or eMessage on the Patient Portal for any non-urgent abnormal results that require a discussion with your provider, otherwise they will be published to your portal account.

  • If the test results are abnormal and urgent or concerning, the lab or radiology department generally call the provider immediately and you will receive a phone call shortly after the provider finishes receiving that phone call.

  • You will not be able to view your results until they are received and reviewed by your provider.

  • If you have not been notified of results within 2 weeks, by either patient portal, snail mail or phone, please call our office so we may track the missing results.  

Telephone Calls


Our staff is available to answer your questions and schedule appointments during regular office hours. If your concern is urgent, please inform the receptionist so that your call will be addressed immediately. If you have lengthy or complicated issues, we ask that you schedule an appointment with one of our providers for an evaluation/consultation.


We are pleased to offer alternate methods of communication  -  the Patient Portal allows for general questions, online Appointment Request, Refill Requests and you can review test results, statements, and much more.






  • Most refill requests should be directed through your pharmacy, and the pharmacy will send an electronic message to your physician, the exceptions could include refills for controlled substances, or medicines prescribed by a previous physician

  • Please allow (2) two business days for refills to be processed

  • Prescriptions last written over 1 year ago cannot be refilled without an appointment

  • Prescriptions written by another doctor cannot be refilled without an appointment

  • We may not write prescription for controlled substances (including narcotic pain medicines and stimulant ADD medicines).  Please see our Policy on Controlled Medications.

  • If a pharmacy or insurance company requests that we change a prescription, we will not make any modifications without our patient’s understanding and permission

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